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Modernist Cuisine in Paris

So a while back I purchased the Modernist Cuisine series thinking that I would have a lot of time to try out and cook through many of the recipes in the books. Little did I know how daunting of a task that could be. After all, I don’t have an oven in my apartment…

Modernist Cuisine

I’ve tried a couple recipes from the book and through working at Arpege and Agape have seen some of the other recipes come together in one form or another. Once Modernist Cuisine at Home came out, I quickly ordered it. I figured I would try to go through that book first while I accumulate more of the tools needed for some of the bigger projects.

My wife likes to make soups at home since she can make them in big batches and have something to eat for a few days so I decided to help her out and make a double batch of the Pressure Cooked Chicken Stock. I was amazed at how beautiful it turned out after only an hour and half. Especially since I am used to simmering chicken stock for around 6-8 hours. Then, this morning my wife received a call from some friends we were planning to have dinner with asking if we would be up for just doing a dinner at their place instead. I’ve made the Caramelized Carrot Soup recipe a couple of times before and since my Mom happens to be in town visiting I figured that I would make that for the dinner and swap out some of the carrot juice for some chicken stock. Both recipes are really great go-to’s! The carrot soup is quick to put together and although the chicken stock can get expensive, especially here in France where chicken is more expensive than in the states, it really does make a great stock!

Caramelized Carrot Soup

I’m not going to be posting the recipes for these since they’re not mine and can be found in the books.


P.S. I’m going to change things around once I figure out how to edit these posts better. Thanks for your patience:)

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